Scale Powered Aircraft - THE 2016 LUSKINTYRE RC SCALE FESTIVAL

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Scale Powered Aircraft

Perhaps the most realistic form of aero-modelling, RC scale planes’ main purpose is to replicate full-scale aircraft designs from aviation history and test for future aviation designs. They can allow for the realisation of never-built “proposed” aircraft designs as well as re-create vintage full-scale aircrafts for flight once more.

  • Scale powered aircraftRC Scale model aircrafts can be any of the following:
  • Steerable airship lighter-than-air (LTA) aviation craft
  • Heavier-than-air fixed winger glider/sailplane
  • Heavier-than-air fixed-wing single or multi-engine aircraft
  • Rotary-wing aircraft such as autogyros or helicopters

Full-scale aircraft designs from every era of aviation, including the Pioneer Era and World War I, through to the 21st century, have been modelled as radio-control scale model aircraft. Builders of RC scale aircrafts can enjoy the challenge of creating a controllable, miniature aircraft that merely looks like the full scale original yet has no fine details. These details can range from:

  • A detailed cockpit
  • Operable features of a selected full scale aircraft design
  • Operable cable-connect flight control surfaces
  • Illuminated navigation lighting on the aircraft’s exterior
  • Realistic retracting landing gear

Various sizes of RC scale aircrafts have been built in the decades since modern digital-proportional, with miniaturized RC gear coming on the market in the 1960s and everything from indoor-flyable electric powered RC scale models, to giant scale RC scale models. These scale sizes usually range from 20% to 25% and upwards of 30% to 50% size of some smaller full scale aircraft designs. They can replicate some of the actual flight characteristics of the full scale aircrafts that they are based on and can continue to be built and flow in sanctioned competitions and for personal pleasure, as part of the RC Scale aeromodelling hobby.

RC Scale Jets

RC Scale jet

RC scale jets are models of full-size jets. RC jets are exhilarating to fly but are even more exhilarating to watch, reaching speeds of up to 320kph. They require skilled piloting however look and sound amazingly realistic.

Jet airplanes have two types of propulsion systems: a gas turbine engine or an electric motor-driven ducted fan. A gas turbine jet pilot is the ultimate in radio control flying. However, they require extensive radio control flying experience and are expensive to purchase and run.

Popular models for electric-ducted fan jets are available and suitable for intermediate pilots who have some flight experience and have developed the coordination needed to fly model aircrafts.